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We build digital goods and apps for people who love goodness.

Featured Project

The Liquor Cabinet. The ultimate cocktail app that takes the liquors and mixers you have on hand, and gives you every cocktail you can now make. You can also see how many other cocktails you could make if you only had one other ingredient. It’s kind of like magic.

We Are Builders and Innovators


At Third Rail Platform we are constantly creating. Looking for new projects that excite our team and solve a problem.



We make sure that we listen to what the need is and where the opportunity lies. When we truly understand the problem, the solution becomes that much clearer.



Once our projects are built, we see what is working in the real world. We are not afraid to go back and make changes that produce a better end experience.


There are some amazing apps out there. We look for projects that are unique and add something new to the category and challenges the status quo.

What We Work On

Here, down in the belly of the agency, we are hard at work bringing our newest imaginations to life.

  • Native Apps 23%
  • Web Apps 55%
  • Digital Ideas 67%
  • Frogurt Machines 33%

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